Resources for Tourism Partners

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism is pleased to share with our tourism partners the following resources to assist you in developing and marketing a wider range of authentic and unique tourism experiences that we can offer to our domestic and international tourists. This will support our destination brand and positioning and highlight the Cayman Islands as a memorable warm weather destination of choice.

Botanical Gardens as Natural Heritage Tourist Attractions
Session Slides
 Session Recording: Developing Botanical Gardens as Natural Heritage Tourist Attractions - January 26, 2021

Creating a Culinary Tourism Product Premised on Caribbean Culinary Heritage
Culinary Routes - Dr. Matthews Stone
Culinary Routes - Professor Candice Goucher
Farm to Table - Mrs. Lisa Binns
Farm to Table - Ms. Ena Harvey
 Session Recording: Creating a Culinary Tourism Product in the Caribbean - March 23, 2021
 Session Recording: Creating the Farm-to-Table Experience - April 20, 2021

Future for Cultural Tourism
Future for Cultural Tourism - Professor Greg Richards
 Recorded Session: The Future for Cultural Tourism in a COVID-19 Context - July 28, 2020

Heritage Asset Identification
Session Slides - Heritage Asset Identification - Drs. Niall Finneran and Christina Welch
Sensing Place toolkit
Sensing place Caribbean worksheet
 Session Recording: Heritage Asset Identification for Tourism - April 27, 2020

Heritage Interpretation & Storytelling
Heritage Interpretation - Dr. Tara Inniss
Heritage Storytelling - Dr. Deborah Hickling Gordon
 Session Recording: Heritage Interpretation & Storytelling in the Tourism Context - October 29, 2020

Marketing Heritage for Tourism
Marketing Heritage - Conceptual - Dr. Deepak Chhabra
Marketing Heritage - Practical - Mr. Richard Peterson
Session Recording: Marketing Heritage – A Conceptual Framework - December 2, 2020
Session Recording: Marketing Heritage – A Practical Approach for Tourism - January 14, 2021

Packaging Assets for a Heritage Tourism Product
Packaging Assets to Create a Heritage Route for Tourism - Dr. Andrew Spencer
Session Recording: Packaging Assets to Create a Heritage Route as a Viable Tourism Product - June 8, 2020

Understanding the Cultural Tourist
Understanding the Cultural Tourist - Professor Bob McKercher

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