The Cayman Islands tourism industry has faced disruption in various forms throughout its history, from natural disasters, global economic recessions, to global crises and has proven resiliency which has led recovery and future successes.  Now, with the official launch of the Ministry and Department of Tourism’s comprehensive strategic tourism reinvention plan named The Road Back to 500K (RB5), a clear blueprint has been laid for the phased return of tourism as the country moves to a new normal in a post-pandemic world of travel.

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National Tourism Plan

The purpose of the National Tourism Plan (NTP) is to define, through a consensus-oriented process, a road map for enhancing the competitiveness of the Cayman Islands tourism industry and ensuring the sustainability of the islands’ cultural and natural assets. The intent of the plan is to maximise and spread the benefits of tourism development throughout the country.

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Public Transportation Board 5-Year Strategic Plan

The Ministry of District Administration, Tourism & Transport currently includes the management of the Cayman Islands public transportation sector. The governance of the sector resides with the Public Transport Board (PTB) and its operations are regulated as stipulated within the Traffic Law and the Public Passengers Vehicles Regulations. The areas of service that define the Cayman Islands Public Transportation sector include Taxis, Tours, and Water sports, Limousines, Omnibus, School and Church buses.

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