Cayman Islands Reports Record Visitation in November 2023

Cayman Islands 29 December 2023
The destination has seen a sustained increase in visitation throughout 2023 with outstanding results in November

Between January and November 2023, the Cayman Islands welcomed a total of 379,370 stayover visitors exceeding 2022’s year-to-date numbers by 61% and representing approximately 85% of 2019’s numbers.

The destination has seen a sustained increase in visitation throughout 2023 with outstanding results in November as the destination welcomed 35,765 visitors arriving by air representing 93% of November 2019’s numbers – the highest recovery rate so far compared to pre-pandemic visitation.

Moreover, November 2023 saw the third largest number of visitors to arrive in that month since the department began recording statistics only surpassed by 2019’s 38,463 and 2018’s 38,172.

United States
In November 2023, the United States maintained its position as the Cayman Islands’ primary source market for stayover visitors to the destination contributing 83% of total arrivals YTD.

Notably, the United States has achieved a substantial recovery in November 2023 achieving  an impressive 95% of 2019’s visitation – the highest recovery rate for the market recorded to-date compared to pre-pandemic levels.

The Northeastern region was a particular standout up 3.3% when compared to November 2019 and a 10.2% surge over arrivals from this area in November 2022.

Canadian air arrivals in November were 88.6% of 2019’s numbers and, encouragingly, Canada remained the second largest source of stayover visitors for the destination representing 6.4% of the overall visitation YTD up from 5.9% in 2019 indicating a sustained recovery for this market.

UK & Ireland

Stayover visitors from the UK and Ireland accounted for 3.5% of the total arrivals in November 2023 on par with 2019.

Between January and November air arrivals from the UK and Ireland represented 89.6% of 2019’s record and YTD arrivals from this region accounted for 3.3% of the total arrivals, 0.2 percentage points above 2019.

Latin America
Air arrivals from Latin America in November 2023 represented 70.8% of 2019’s numbers and arrivals YTD represented 1.3% of the overall visitation on par with 2019.

Cruise Arrivals
Though cruise passenger arrivals represented less than 70% of 2019’s, the Cayman Islands has surpassed 1 million cruise ship visitors for the first time since 2019.

Director of Tourism, Rosa Harris commented on Cayman’s standout 11-month performance, “The Cayman Islands exceeded its visitation goal of 70% for the first 11 months of the year and is now on track to surpass 400,000 stayover visitors for the first time since 2019. We are especially pleased with our United States visitation, as these statistics underscore the healthy rebound and resilience of the United States as our main source market and further affirms the Cayman Islands’ position as a preferred destination for American visitors.”

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