Cayman Islands Becomes Series’ Title Partner

United States 28 April 2021
Photo: Porsche

Article by News Release

Carrera Cup North America champions to be awarded with “Caymankind” trip of a lifetime…

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and Porsche Motorsport North America have announced that the Cayman Islands will be the official title partner of Porsche Carrera Cup North America in the series’ inaugural season.

This year, Porsche Carrera Cup North America presented by the Cayman Islands will connect the leading luxury destination for discerning travelers with the premier German sports car manufacturer at events around the U.S. and Canada.

Carrera Cup North America and the Cayman Islands will enjoy its first official weekend of partnership and competition at twin, 45-minute races at the Circuit of The Americas this weekend.

“Following the success of the Porsche Visit Cayman Islands Sprint Challenge in Europe last year, we’re excited to evolve and expand our presence to a new audience through a strategic relationship with Porsche Motorsport North America,” said Tom Ludington, U.S. General Manager for the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism.

“The Cayman Islands and Porsche are two, well-aligned brands that appeal to a variety of luxury-minded people who enjoy the highest quality in all areas of life.

“As the title partner of PMNA’s Porsche Carrera Cup in North America, we are thrilled to share a glimpse of the timeless Cayman experience with team owners, drivers and Porsche enthusiasts across the US and Canada.

“We look forward to extending a warm Caymanian welcome to champions of the races, who will earn a coveted opportunity to visit our beautiful destination in 2022.”

As a title partner, the CIDOT will have an on-the-ground presence at eight venues as part of the Porsche Carrera Cup North America presented by the Cayman Islands, as well as other PMNA-related activities.

These specially curated and socially distanced events hosted by the CIDOT will bring the bespoke luxury, adventure, culture and beauty of the Cayman Islands to race enthusiasts across North America.

In due course, and where circumstances allow, distinctive experiences will celebrate the Cayman Islands as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” with innovative bites, music, art and other activities that evoke the crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy beaches found in Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Champions of the three classes – Pro, Pro-Am and Pro-Am 991 – will have the opportunity to experience the culture shared by residents of the three islands known as “Caymankind” firsthand.

The season-long championship driver in each of the categories, as well as a guest, will receive a five-day, four-night stay at a luxury property in the Cayman Islands, including air transportation, and airport/ hotel transfers shared.

“There is the ‘Caymankind’ way and the ‘Porsche Way’,” said Porsche Motorsport President and CEO Dr. Daniel Armbruster.

“These are more than philosophies; they are defining aspects of our cultures which make this a truly a special moment in the short history of the Porsche Carrera Cup North America.

“It is no secret that travel is a passion for Porsche owners as is motorsport.

“Our clients and their clients are one in the same. We look forward to this being the start of a long-term partnership with the Cayman Islands.”

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