Financial Assistance Planned for Caymanian Public Transportation Sector During COVID-19 Crisis

Cayman Islands 19 March 2020
Cayman Islands Government (CIG)
An ongoing commitment to identify ways for the Cayman Islands Government (CIG) to support industries most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis response led to the announcement of a one-time stipend for licensed, Caymanian transportation providers.   
“As one of the largest industries made up of Caymanian owners and operators who rely on this as their primary income, the closure of the ports and airports along with recommendations by health authorities to practice social distancing has already begun to create a serious economic impact for this particular group,”  stated the Hon. Deputy Premier and Minster of Tourism, Mr. Moses Kirkconnell.  “This sector services visitors who, for the near future will not be entering the Cayman Islands, but on a day to day basis services residents who rely on public transportation to traverse the islands. It is inevitable that this nationwide reduction in society’s usual activities will hit the hospitality sector hard, but for providers such as this group, it’s a double hit and we as a government are responsible to ensure that we look out for our citizens.”
Outlining the stipend, Mr. Kirkconnell shared that the following criteria must be met in order to qualify for the temporary CI$600.00 supplementary income:
  • Nationality – Caymanian
  • Approved to operate one 15-seater bus or a vehicle of less than 15 seats
  • Permitted as an operator/driver in the following categories:
    • Taxi
    • Tour
    • DUAL (Taxi & Tour)
    • Water sports
Transportation providers who fit the above criteria will be contacted directly by the Public Transportation Unit or official CIG representatives to finalise distribution of the stipend.
“We are in unchartered territory in regard to how we, as a Government, handle the many nuances and areas of concern in regard to a pandemic of this level,” said Mr. Kirkconnell.  “It is our intent to develop positive measures to support our tourism industry and the sectors who sustain it, during these trying times.  Our public transport providers are often the face of the Cayman Islands, who embody a Caymankind ambassadorship in their daily business which cannot be replaced.”   As the COVID-19 response continues to evolve, additional tourism sector groups could be added to the stipend program.
For more official information on the Cayman Islands’ ongoing response to the coronavirus, please visit and
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