Cayman Islands Department of Tourism uses local artist to launch partnership with Porsche for first ever Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB

United Kingdom 10 July 2020
Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) has announced a new partnership with Porsche GB
Using the skills of a local Caymanian artist, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) has announced a new partnership with Porsche GB to launch the first ever Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB, a sponsorship that will initially last two years.
Signifying the first motor sport event to start after the lockdown, the inaugural Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB events will take place on 11th and 12th July at Snetterton, Norfolk. The championship will be for both amateur and professional drivers, with the winning driver of each category receiving a seven-night luxury holiday for two to the Cayman Islands. All cars will display a Cayman Islands windscreen header during the championship events.
To celebrate the partnership, CIDOT enlisted the help of local Caymanian artist Shane Aquârt, known as Dready, who has created both an image and a motion graphic to incorporate the two brands. Widely regarded as one of the Cayman Islands’ most successful visual artists, Shane’s art is bright and whimsical, bringing a humorous element to the familiarity of everyday life. His stick character Dready (from where he adopted the pseudonym) is hugely popular throughout the Caribbean and Shane has had exhibitions at the OXO Tower, collaborated with Burr & Co and has a permanent collection in the Cayman Islands National Gallery.
Regional Manager of CIDOT Europe Adrian White said: We are very excited to see the launch of the Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge GB as we take a fresh direction with our brand marketing. Working with Shane on this project has brought a real Caymanian flavour to the partnership and his motion graphic and image perfectly capture the spirit of the sponsorship, along with the vitality and relaxed vibe of the destination.  This year sees us working with influential brands and sports clubs, which are highly regarded in their field to create perfect synergy and to further promote Cayman’s luxury offering to a discerning audience, while reflecting the passions and interests of the guests we welcome to our destination.
Both Porsche and the Cayman Islands share a similar brand ethos with the same customer groups striving for a luxury experience, but with a range to suit the whole family demographic. The partnership offers exposure to individuals with an affinity for luxury and reflects perfectly the Cayman Islands’ ‘luxury with a sense of adventure’ product. The three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman all provide an escape from the norm, a sentiment also embodied by Porsche. And, of course, we both have a certain affection for the caiman crocodile, who has lent its name to the both of us! We look forward to extending a true Caymanian welcome to the deserved winners of the challenge and showcasing all that these three beautiful islands have to offer.”
Shane Aquârt added: “I drove my first Porsche, a twin turbo 911, when I was in my late 20s, a friend brought it for me from his dealership ... What an experience. I’d driven some cars by then – ‘65 Galaxie Street Rod, cars with a high-performance racing engine, supercharged Chevys, motorcycles that went at the speed of light ... But that Porsche was so effortless, this wonderful transfer of power and the whole while a sense of control, and at speed ... They’ve always been a real fantasy drive. And so to be asked by the Department of Tourism to draw some Dreadys for the Cayman Islands Porsche Sprint Challenge, that’s another little fantasy right there.”
In a commitment to supporting local art and artists, Shane is also working with CIDOT on a number of other UK projects, the results of which will be launched in the coming months.
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