The Cayman Islands Mark The 50th Anniversary Of Earth Day

United Kingdom 16 April 2020
The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism highlights at-home conservation and connection including a special tree planting event via social media.
As the World marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on Wednesday 22 April, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT)  shares local experts’ eco-friendly activities, tips and best practices to reconnect with nature and preserve the environment.
As leaders in conservation and environmental protection, local conservationists, officials and community leaders in the Cayman Islands have suggested eco-friendly activities to highlight the importance of looking after the environment as well as the physical and mental benefits gained from appreciating nature.  Everyone is welcome to join in via social media and use the inspiration of the white sand beaches, rugged cliffs, and spectacular flora and fauna of the Cayman Islands to re-connect with their natural environment.
  1. Staying Connected with Nature and Each Other
Knowing it may be hard for some individuals to get outdoors and explore during this time, the Cayman Turtle Centre: Island Wildlife Encounter recommends taking advantage of social media and virtual travel offerings to get a dose of Mother Nature. On Wednesday, 22 April 2020, Cayman Turtle Centre invites green thumbs around the world to participate in a special tree planting event for Earth Day. Organisers will be planting mangrove and other indigenous trees native to the Cayman Islands and recommend virtual participants to support local conservation efforts by planting local tree species at home. Those without the means to plant a tree are encouraged to participate via social media.
“Earth Day is too important to miss, so we are inviting everyone to join in our efforts via social media,” said the Centre’s CEO, Tim Adam. “We’ve found that virtual connection is more important than ever, and since we are unable to organise any big public events, we are delighted to be able to carry on in this new way – allowing people from all around the world to participate in our events virtually and spread our mission of conservation far and wide.”
  1. Protect the Environment
The National Trust Cayman Islands is encouraging members of the public to mark Earth Day via digital channels.  Everyone is invited to show their support for the important work carried out to protect precious ecosystems and the endangered blue iguana.  Write on a piece of paper #istandwiththenationaltrust, take a selfie then share on social media using tags @nationaltrustcayman (insta) and @nationaltrustforthecaymanislands (facebook).
  1. Let the Sunshine In
With more than 400 plant species native to the lush Islands, Caymanians are no strangers to natural beauty. The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, located in Grand Cayman, is home to 65 acres of wildlife, culture and history, and according to general manager, John Lawrus, Earth Day is celebrated year-round. Lawrus points to nature as a remedy for cabin fever. In addition to taking some healthy time outdoors, another natural way to beat restlessness is to use time at home to improve upon living space.
“While there may not be room for everyone to cultivate a blossoming home garden, the simple re-organisation of house plants at home may provide a feeling of positive change and refreshed perspective,” according to John Lawrus. “Plus, house plants have been proven to boost mood, productivity, concentration and creation, reduce stress and fatigue, and naturally purify indoor air.”
  1. Planting Seeds of Caymankindness  
While many beloved florals, such as Cayman’s national flower, the Wild Banana Orchid, are designed to thrive in the tropical Caribbean climate, consumers can plant a piece of Cayman in their gardens with wild orchid starter kits. With many children participating in virtual learning, conservation specialists recommend home gardening as an opportune home-school lesson to help instill an appreciation for the environment in young children and help relieve anxiety.
“As we continue to navigate this time of isolation with strength and positivity, channeling pent-up energy into home gardening and spending time outside can be a significant stress-reliever, while contributing positively to the environment,” said Mrs. Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands. “Now more than ever, it is important that we do our best to protect our communities by staying home while sowing seeds of hope and showing ourselves some Caymankindness. Celebrate Earth Day and start your veggie garden today.”
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