Ministry of Transport Announces Implementation of Key Outcomes From Five-Year Strategic Plan

Cayman Islands 1 August 2019
The official logo of the new CI:GO mobile app
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (1 August 2019) The Ministry of District Administration, Tourism and Transport is pleased to announce the introduction of a new national taxi fare schedule. The new schedule comes as Cabinet gazetted the Traffic (Public Passenger Vehicles) (Amendment) Regulations, 2019 on 23 July 2019 and will go into effect starting Friday 2 August at 12:01 a.m.
Fares in the new schedule have increased slightly; however, the new schedule moves the average party size from three to four, providing for families to ride a taxi at the same rate. The first two pieces of luggage are now free and after-hour fares are now scheduled, resulting in the removal of the previous 25 percent surcharge. For example, under the old fare schedule, the rate for a taxi from Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort to Owen Roberts International Airport was $22.50 USD. Under the new schedule, the rate is now $25 USD. All taxi operators have the option to receive a hard copy of the new schedule from the Public Transport Unit office in Rankin Plaza.
“The new schedule balances the need for taxi operators to make a reasonable living wage and for the public to have access to the public transport system at a fair rate,” remarked the Hon. Deputy Premier and Minister of District Administration, Tourism and Transport, Mr Moses Kirkconnell.  “As the cost of living has increased, operators have unfortunately been left behind. The minimal increase in rates is an acknowledgement of the valuable service these operators provide to the general public, especially as tourism ambassadors for our stayover visitors.”
The introduction of a national taxi fare schedule is a key outcome of the Public Transport Board’s (PTB) Five (5) Year Strategic Plan. The plan is based on seven strategic goals:
  1. GOVERNANCE: to enhance the Public transport Unit with strengthened leadership and direction.
  2. STRATEGIC & FUTURE PLANNING: development of a sustainable master public transport system.
  3. EDUCATION & TRAINING: to promote Public Transport Unit as facilitators of excellent public transport service where users understand and are inspired to use the system frequently.
  4. HUMAN & FINANCIAL RESOURCES: to ensure that Public Transport Unit is adequately staffed and resourced to meet increased customer and internal demands.
  5. INTERNAL STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT: to ensure that all relevant agencies are actively working together on a Master Transport Plan and to resolve public transport issues.
  6. EXTERNAL COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: to make public transport easily accessible to visitors and residents.
  7. INNOVATION: embrace advancing technologies to create an effective system.
“We listened to feedback from the community on a variety of matters such as the need for regulated taxi fares and general concerns about the state of transportation overall,” the Hon. Deputy Premier and Minister continued.  “I am confident PTB’s strategic plan provides a blueprint for a strengthened public transport system; one that reinforces our commitment to providing safe transportation options that are well regulated and creates additional entrepreneurship within the Caymanian community.”
Another core outcome of the strategic plan is the introduction of the first digital taxi fare calculator, CI:GO. This free mobile app is a simple way for residents and visitors to quote their journey in advance. CI:GO allows users to drop a pin or enter the pickup and drop-off location of an intended ride, then specify the number of passengers and how many pieces of luggage. Based on the information provided, the app will calculate the fare in both KYD and USD dollars. Options include getting a breakdown of the fare, editing the trip, splitting the fare or getting directions.
“The launch of CI:GO represents a modernisation of the public transport system and provides greater transparency on the national taxi fare schedule to residents and visitors alike,” remarked PTB Chairperson and Director of Tourism, Mrs Rosa Harris. “We encourage the public to use the taxi service and feel empowered to quote their journey in advance. Taxi fares are now in the palm of your hand.”
CI:GO will be released in mid-August for download from the App Store and Google Play. For more information on the app and new taxi fare schedule please visit For more information on the PTB’s Five (5) Year Strategic Plan please visit    
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