Luxury Without The Attitude: Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa, Grand Cayman

Cayman in the News 25 September 2018
@We consider ourselves to be luxury without the attitude, meaning a laid back, welcoming, high-spec space@an attitude that fits perfectly with the island,@ explained@Steven André, General Manager of@Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa@in the@Cayman Islands.
Article by Rahim Kanani

We consider ourselves to be luxury without the attitude, meaning a laid back, welcoming, high-spec space—an attitude that fits perfectly with the island,” explained Steven André, General Manager of Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in the Cayman Islands. In an interview about the property in all its glory, André discusses the inspiration behind the design of the hotel, their world-class dining options, signature spa treatments and much more.

Tell me a little bit about the inspiration behind the new Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in the Grand Cayman.
Kimpton as a brand was founded on an idea of boutique as more commonly associated with Europe. Our founder, Bill Kimpton, wanted to replicate the more personalized and approachable guest experience associated with boutiques. This is consequently a starting point for the brand’s first international resort, Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa. The resort design has also been influenced by its locality, using local produce and textures throughout to give a real sense of place with thatch features and art installations such as Catboats suspended from the ceiling, and local artists’ work throughout.

How would you describe the atmosphere and design of the hotel?
We consider ourselves to be luxury without the attitude, meaning a laid back, welcoming, high-spec space—an attitude that fits perfectly with the island. The hotel has been designed around social experience. With a library subtly incorporated into the lobby with sliding doors, providing a space comfortable enough to host a social hour daily, where guests can enjoy complimentary wine and beer, and get to know our team and each other. There’s also seats and enclaved areas where groups, couples or families can spend time together around the resort, including a perfectly positioned fire pit for the evening. It’s all about facilitating memories and experiences and that can be seen throughout.

How does the bungalow experience different from other resort suites?
The bungalow experience is completely unique, perfect for entertaining, wedding and bridal party use, family reunions or just for those who enjoy trying something different. They’re certainly unconventional and offer a completely different experience to the resort suites. Both benefit from all of the same features and amenities.

What kind of dining options do you have on-site, and what are some of your favorite dishes and drinks?
We have a huge selection of dining options on-site. Coccoloba offers a beach meets bistro vibe, and is one of the few beach front restaurants on Seven-mile Beach, offering the most amazing views of the sunset as you dine on their custom tacos and craft cocktails. Ave is also a great evening option. The dishes are Mediterranean inspired and our kitchen uses the freshest catch of the day and locally sourced ingredients.
But I think my absolute favorite meal is at our Chef Counter Top. For those hungry to try new foods and wines, this is the reservation you have to make. The dishes are exquisite and the wine pairings are incredible. And the whole process is almost theatrical: you watch our chefs prepare these intricate delicacies and explain their background. It’s interactive and intimate at the same time, with only ten seats per night. My favorite dish has to be the Suquet de l’amiral, a Mediterranean dish with delicate fish covered in white wine reduction, lemon, parsley and a Mediterranean tonic. It’s worth noting though, as part of the experience, the menu changes every month, so you’re always surprised and enlightened by what’s presented.

What are some of the more local or traditional spa offerings available at the hotel?
We offer a very novel treatment called the Cayman Nap whereby guests lie upon a surface which is gently heated by a bed of hot sand. So the bed gently shapes to your body and the heat allows your muscles to really relax. Just 30 minutes long, this is the perfect pre-curser to any massage. We are also the only resort in the Cayman Islands to offer a traditional Turkish Hammam treatment. A two-hour indulgent ritual, incorporating exfoliation, oils, aromatherapy, detox mud and a fully body massage.

In terms of location, what are some activities you might recommend first-time guests looking for a truly unique experience or two?
Stingray-city is a must-do, bucket list activity. It is a truly unforgettable experience being transported into the middle of the north sound and able to easily stand on a sand bar in the middle of the ocean with these phenomenal creatures. We also offer a whole selection of water sport activities, complimentary as part of the resort fee, so for those who want to snorkel and take our go pros along for the experience, or sail on a hobi cat boat, or try stand-up paddle board yoga—these all make for amazing experiences.
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