Cayman Islands Department of Tourism to attend ILTM Cannes

United Kingdom 22 November 2018
Representatives from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism will be attending ILTM Cannes next month to showcase the luxury Caribbean islands to the French and wider European market.
Representatives from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism will be attending ILTM Cannes next month to showcase the luxury Caribbean islands to the French and wider European market.
Located south of Cuba and west of Jamaica, the three idyllic islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are home to pristine beaches and tranquil turquoise seas, promising a luxurious island escape.
The Cayman Islands caters for family holidays, luxury and romantic escapes, culinary journeys, diving adventures and for those simply looking to switch off. The stunning underwater landscape, impressive culinary scene and cultural attractions continue to draw sun-seekers, with the warm, friendly nature of local Caymanians providing a relaxed atmosphere.
For relaxation, swimming and sunbathing, Seven Mile Beach - a seemingly endless stretch of pristine white sand and palm trees - is the perfect spot. Alternatively, Rum Point is an ideal venue for cocktails, lazing in hammocks and generally soaking up the Caribbean lifestyle.
A mecca for divers and snorkellers, all three islands offer an extraordinary marine world where turtles and eagle rays share pristine coral reefs with colourful fish. There are hundreds of dive and snorkel sites suitable for all levels with many just a short swim from the shore. Some of the better-known sites include the Bloody Bay Wall, frequently listed amongst the best wall dives in the world, and Stingray City, a unique site where friendly wild stingrays congregate around a shallow sand bar in open waters, offering the chance to get up close to these magnificent creatures. Divers and marine life alike are drawn by the numerous ship wrecks including a 100m Russian Frigate, the Captain Keith Tibbetts off Cayman Brac and the Kittiwake, an ex-USS Navy vessel submerged off Seven Mile Beach.
Above water, naturalists will love the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park where, thanks to the successful Blue Iguana Recovery Programme, the rare, indigenous, blue iguana can be seen roaming freely. Visitors can witness spectacular stalagmites and stalactites at the Cayman Islands’ newest nature experience, Cayman Crystal Caves where local guides regale with tales of Cayman’s past. But for a true taste of island heritage, a visit to Pedro St James and the birth place of democracy, is not to be missed.
A trip to the Cayman Islands is not complete without hopping over to the sister islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Getting to the islands is a mini adventure in itself as visitors fly in a 16-seat twin-Otter aircraft, sitting right behind the pilots. The untouched beauty of Cayman Brac allows eight miles of nature trails to be explored, with educational information on flora and fauna displayed on plaques along the way. There is even the option to have a free guided tour from an energetic and knowledgeable local tour guide.
Little Cayman, the smallest of the three islands, has a population of 197, and an abundance of rare bird life. This is the perfect place to step away from the world and relax in hammocks under shady palm trees.  There are several stylish resorts on Little Cayman, where traffic is minimal, and the iguana is given right of way.
In addition to tourism and travel, the delegation will be available to discuss further offerings from the Cayman Islands including real estate, finance, inward investment and permanent residency based on direct investment.
Key delegates from the Cayman Islands (a UK overseas territory in the Caribbean Sea) also attended this year’s ILTM expo in Shanghai in order to showcase the luxurious Caribbean islands to the Chinese market.
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