Kitesurfing Across the Crystal Clear Waters of Little Cayman

Cayman in the News 25 January 2016
The Southern Cross Club adds exciting new watersports adventure

Little Cayman, Cayman Islands, January 25, 2016 – On an island paradise famous for superb diving and excellent fishing, the Southern Cross Club has added kitesurfing, one of the world’s newest and most exciting eco-friendly watersports. The resort has acquired Lost Boys Kitesurfing, an operation known for top kitesurfing services on Little Cayman. Kitesurfing is a non-motorized sport that harnesses the wind through a large parachute-type kite to move a rider across the water on a small surfboard. With prevailing winds and a shallow lagoon of turquoise water, there is no better place to learn to kitesurf than the Southern Cross Club.

“All the teaching is done in the lagoon in front of the resort where the water is shallow and calm with a sandy bottom,” says Mark DeBeer kitesurfing instructor at the resort. “We always have a ‘clean wind’ which means its coming in fresh from the sea – no rambling over mountains, trees or land. This makes it very steady - really good conditions for beginners.”

Kitesurfing pros and experienced athletes jump 50 or 60 feet through the air to cover a lot of water with breathtaking speed – but DeBeer says kitesurfing is easier than it looks. The rider wears a harness that takes the brunt of the wind force, leaving arms free to easily guide the kite.

“You don’t have to be strong – absolutely anyone can do it,” he says. “Being comfortable in the water is the main thing when learning to kite surf – being relaxed.”

The only kitesurfing instructor on the island, Mark DeBeer is excited about teaching visitors and locals how to enjoy the warm, crystal clear water of Little Cayman in a totally new and exciting way that doesn’t disturb the peace and quiet that the island is known for.

“At the Southern Cross Club we pride ourselves on being a conservative-minded resort, and adding kitesurfing, an eco-friendly sport, is another way our guests can enjoy the natural beauty of Little Cayman,” said General Manager Jennifer Mills.

The beginner’s course takes students through the basics: staying safe, kite control, water-starts and understanding the weather. Novice kitesurfers can then develop and enjoy their newfound skills through Supervised Sessions, the Trick Academy and Pontoon/Boat Days. These sessions can be repeated when a core course is completed. Mark DeBeer’s students range from 12 years old to 83. One of his most enthusiastic is 83-year-old John Raney of New York City, a frequent visitor to the Southern Cross Club.

“He’s an amazing guy! John’s control is awesome and he has a lot of fun doing this. This has taught me that people who are active, stay active their whole lives,” he said.

The Southern Cross Club/Lost Boys KiteSurfing shop offers beginner, intermediate and independent kitesurfing lessons, and the shop carries all equipment needed. For the adventurous, DeBeer says advanced jump and trick KiteSurfing lessons are available.

To find out more about Southern Cross Club/Lost Boys Kitesurfing call toll free: 1-800-899-2582. Outside U.S. call (619) 563-0017, e-mail us at or visit

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