Whether you’re a local or visiting Cayman from 3000 miles away, once you’re on one of Cayman’s trio of islands, you won’t have to go far to find your Caymankind.

Caymankind launched in 2011 as an award-winning multimedia advertising campaign. Its goal is to showcase the destination’s friendliness and affection to an international audience. It has since grown to be an enduring element of Caymanian culture and has entered the Caymanian vernacular.

Caymankind is welcoming warmth that doesn’t just come from the sun. Caymankind is the heart and hospitality of the Caymanian people that turns first-time guests into lifetime visitors. It’s found in the local fisherman who recommends a stretch of beach nobody knows about or the bellhop who leads guests to his favourite jerk chicken stand just down the road. Most importantly, it’s a promise that wherever visitors find their smile in the Cayman Islands, they’ll find ours. 

The Making of Caymankind

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