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To access and download assets from the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) public media library the Website User (Requestor) requesting access to view and download agrees to the below:

  • All Assets are solely for the promotion of the Cayman Islands
  • All Assets are copyrighted, and all applicable laws for copyrights and usage must be followed when using these Assets. Failure to adhere to the terms of this License may result in legal action taken against you by the applicable videographer, photographer, and/or CIDOT. The Requestor further agrees that it shall not contest any of CIDOT’s rights in and to the Asset(s) and that it shall not acquire or seek to acquire any rights, title, or interest to such Asset(s) in connection with its use except as expressly outlined in this agreement. The Requestor shall immediately notify CIDOT of any learned alleged infringement of the Asset(s) and CIDOT reserves the exclusive right to take any action respecting the Asset(s), including the right to take legal action against alleged infringers. Any recovery resulting from such action shall belong solely to CIDOT. 
  • The Requestor shall NOT, and shall NOT authorize any others, to resell or copyright any Asset(s), or use the Asset(s) in any paid advertising, for commercial use, or in printed materials. Further, the Requestor shall NOT authorize any others to resell or copyright any Asset(s), or use the Asset(s) to promote any business, service, or product. 
  • The Requestor shall not sell or offer for sale any Asset(s). The Requestor shall not modify, reproduce, create derivative works from, edit, alter, superimpose, or otherwise change any Asset, except (i) as technically necessary to fulfil the Permitted Uses, and (ii) in the case of b-roll Assets, provided that any modifications, edits, or compilation of clips from b-roll Assets may not misrepresent the original footage (e.g., using the footage in reference to a vacation destination that is not the Cayman Islands). 
  • In the event that CIDOT notifies the Requestor about a change to any Asset(s) (or related credit), the Requestor hereby agrees to comply with such notice immediately and shall immediately provide CIDOT with any requested documentation evidencing the Requestor’s compliance with such requests. 
  • Unless otherwise expressly agreed by CIDOT in writing, all use of Asset(s) must include the Credit and Copyright Notice of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism 
  • THE REQUESTOR EXPRESSLY ACKNOWLEDGES AND AGREES THAT NEITHER CIDOT, NOR ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, EMPLOYEES, AGENTS, AND VOLUNTEERS SHALL BE LIABLE, TO ANY PERSON OR ENTITY, INCLUDING THE REQUESTOR, IN CONNECTION WITH THIS AGREEMENT, THE ASSET(S), OR THE REQUESTOR’S USE THEREOF. The Requestor shall indemnify, defend, and hold CIDOT, including its directors, officers, employees, agents and volunteers, harmless against all claims, liability, damages, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or in connection with (i) breach or default of the terms and conditions, obligation, representation or warranty contained herein; (ii) use of the Asset(s); (iii) agreements with third parties relating to this License; (iv) failure to comply with any applicable local, state, provincial and/or federal laws, rules, regulations and/or guidelines; (v) any false, deceptive or misleading description, depiction or comparison of or reference to the Asset(s);  and (vi) negligence or willful misconduct. 
  • The Requestor shall not state or imply that the Requestor’s use of any Asset(s) indicates CIDOT’s sponsorship or endorsement of the Requestor’s or any third party’s business, products, or services. The Requestor shall not use or refer to the Asset(s) in any way so as to disparage, ridicule or reflect poorly upon CIDOT or in any manner which may deceive the public. 
  • Nothing herein shall create any association, joint venture, partnership, or agency relationship of any kind between the Parties.
  • The Requestor acknowledges that its breach of this Agreement will result in immediate irreparable injury to CIDOT. Nothing in this Agreement or any other agreement between the parties shall prevent CIDOT from immediately seeking injunctive relief, or any other equitable or judicial remedy against the Requestor, in any forum that CIDOT, in its sole discretion, deems appropriate to protect its intellectual property rights. 

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