Crisis Management

As a brand, the Cayman Islands brings to mind many positive attributes and provides visitors with Caymankind vacation experiences throughout the year.   However, as with any thriving tourism destination, there are inevitably issues or circumstances that are considered crisis situations. By nature, a crisis is an unplanned, unpredictable event that bears unforeseen consequences.

The safety and security of all Caymanians and visitors to our shores is of utmost importance. As a result, the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism takes a proactive approach to addressing and/or responding to situations deemed crisis specific to the tourism sector and the industries connected to it.

To ensure the department is as prepared as possible, proactive strategic planning and responses are developed; daily media monitoring is enacted globally; and annual reviews of crisis plans occur. The Department of Tourism also collaborates as necessary with the relevant government bodies or private sector partners to provide assistance. 

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