E-Business and Research

To thoughtfully and strategically explore and develop the most appropriate needs to keep the Cayman Islands as an online brand leader. Provide up-to-date analytics and research that will assist in accurate business intelligence. 

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  • Ricardo Smith

    Research Analyst

    Ricardo Smith holds the title of Research Analyst, whose effective task is to conduct primary research and provide analysis to support the delivery of high-quality, integrated marketing programs and services to clients worldwide. His work allows the Department of Tourism to effectively build brand awareness, promote the destination and drive visitor arrivals to the Cayman Islands. He brings over 12 years’ experience working in Statistics to his role at the Department

  • Sawyer Clements

    Research Officer

  • Malcolm Hurlston

    Marketing Content Officer

    Born in Brooklyn, New York, Malcolm moved to the Cayman Islands in 2000 when his father felt a calling for his homeland. Since then, Malcolm has developed a deep infatuation with the Cayman Islands. He became a part of the CIDOT family in 2016 when he joined as an Enumerator and Research Assistant. He was promoted to the role of Marketing Content Officer in 2021, where he has been able to apply his passion for content creation and strategy to aid in CIDOT’s marketing goals.

    He has experience in digital marketing, having been certified as a Digital Marketing Specialist from the Digital Marketing Institute and the America Marketing Association. Aside from videography and photography, his hobbies include reading, training in Mixed Martial Arts and writing.

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