Head Office, Cayman Islands

CIDOT’s head office is located in Grand Cayman, housing the majority of the team. The head office is responsible for promoting the Cayman Islands on a national and international level as well as developing the tourism product, conducting market research, and monitoring operators within the on-island tourism industry.

Director’s Office

The Director oversees the entire Department of Tourism and is closely involved with the Ministry to support the development of the tourism product and drive the country’s economic success.

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E- Business and Research

The E- Business and Research Units thoughtfully and strategically explore and develop the most appropriate needs to keep the Cayman Islands as an online brand leader as well as provide up-to-date analytics and research that will assist in accurate business intelligence. 

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Finance and Administration

The Finance and Administration units provide effective financial, administrative and operational support services to enable the Department in developing and optimizing tourism in a sustainable manner for the people of the Cayman Islands.

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Human Resources

The Human Resources department aims to attract, retain and develop the highest calibre team of professionals with the competencies and personal characteristics necessary to achieve CIDOT’s mission.

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Information Systems

To build a sustainable Information Technology infrastructure which will support the strategic objectives of the CIDOT by proactively engaging solutions which integrate all information and collaboration initiatives.

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National Promotion and Events

To ensure that the Cayman Islands are viewed as one of the premier destinations in the Caribbean. Ensure that the travel trade is knowledgeable of the Cayman Islands and that they receive first-class tangible and intangible experiences and are better able to convert potential visitors into loyal customers.

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Product Development

To support and develop programmes which enhance and reaffirm the Cayman Islands’ high-quality tourism product for Caymanians, residents and visitors.

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Public Relations

To manage external and internal communications and relationships, in both international and local arenas, so that goodwill and mutual understanding is developed between the Department of Tourism and its publics.

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