About The Department of Tourism

The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) was established in 1974 and falls under the mandate of the Ministry of Tourism and Transport. This Ministry organises and directs the activities for many departments all of which have similar goals; to protect the environment, support the economy, promote the islands as a premier destination for visitors and to support local businesses and business people.

CIDOT is the public sector agency charged with responsibility for short and medium term strategic planning and general destination management for the Cayman Islands’ tourism industry. To be successful, the Department must maintain a global perspective and a parallel local sensitivity in order to meet its broadest objectives as outlined in the National Tourism Management Policy (NTMP). The nature of the activities executed by the Department include research and policy development and implementation, international marketing and sales, industry training programmes, and the development of environmentally responsible programmes for the tourism industry. At all times, the Department seeks to advance the heritage, culture and values of the Cayman Islands and promote the advancement of sustainable tourism policies for the benefit of future generations.


Responsibly lead the tourism industry and position the Cayman Islands as the warm weather destination of choice.


Attract and retain visitation to the Cayman Islands by developing and implementing sustainable policies and initiatives in collaboration with all stakeholders for the benefit of our people.

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